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Root Canal Therapy

Tooth decay or dental caries starts as a brown or black discoloration of the teeth. At this stage the lesion is totally asymptomatic. Later this discoloration slowly progress, so that sensitivity or food impaction at the affected area occurs. Then the lesion progress to deep cavity involving dental pulp and may present with excruciating pain leads to pulpitis or dental abscess formation.

Tooth decay in the initial stage can be treated using simple restorations using light cure resin /glass ionomer restorations (tooth colored) or silver amalgam restorations.

If pupitis or abscess present, the tooth has to undergo root canal therapy. This is cleaning and shaping the root canal by using rotary endodontic instruments and chemical irrigants. This neutralizes all the bacterial contaminants in the root canal chamber and drains the abscess. Once the infection is controlled, the root canals are restored with special root canal sealants. Then the crown portion of the tooth is safely restored with crowns, either metal free or metal ceramics